About us



EspacioCuba was created in January 2012 immediately after the new Law that allowed the sale and buying of properties between residents in Cuba be approved.

Our operation started with two persons who main mission was to help people to promote the sale of their properties. We would assist our clients to put together the information needed to sell or buy a house in Cuba and then promote it online and offline. With time, we gained experience and knowledge about the real estate market in Cuba, which transformed us into a trusted source of advice to those looking to complete a property transaction with success.

In October 2013 the Government allowed self employed to apply for real estate agent licenses, "gestor de compra-venta de vivienda” as are they called in Cuba, which we did and turned ourselves into a full licensed agent. By then we have doubled our staff and started assisting clients in the exchange and completion of contracts.

The year of 2014 was definitely very good for us and we managed to help a great part of our clients to attain their objective. We always believe that you need to have an excellent knowledge of your area if you want to help so we decided to open our second office in Playa in October 2014 to better serve the many clients that search us.

We have now one office in Vedado, one in Playa and a third one in the way!

Our success came from our values, the honesty competence and effort we put on every contact with every customer. Talk to us, you will be pleased.