Profile: EspacioCuba Miramar

Excellent furnished house in low, with garage in the Boat. 2623

La Habana Playa Náutico Cuba, LA HABANA, Playa, NÁUTICO

120,000 CUC

House in low biplanta construction capitalist of the year 1950 with walls of bricks, roof made of reinforced concrete and granite floors. With a useful surface area of 120,78m2, busy 203.59 m2 and a total of 227,49m2 comprising paved area to the front, garden, garage, portal, living room, dining room, salapasillo interior, dining room, kitchen, 3 domitorios, 4 bathrooms, patio of service, roofing, outdoor patio (roofed and paved, side-aisles. Service of hot and cold water 24 hours using elevated tanks, and 2 tanks. Gas of the street. Electricity 110v and 220v. You can negotiate the price of the house without furniture. Close to shopping center Nautical.

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 4 Not furnished House 128 sq. m Floors: 0 Year built: 1950 HAV02623



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